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Shelly B

This year has been an avenger monster to say the least. I lost my dearest nephew a short time ago, and recognized early on that it wasn't something I could handle alone. I finally realize what it means to live with a broken heart and the aftermath is brutal. ]I've been following Dr. Baker's work and social media platforms for years. She was my business professor many years ago, and she left a profound impression on my heart. From her presentation, delivery, compassion to help and educate others, to her down to earth we're all human style of counseling. She was the first person I thought of when searching for a grief counselor. Not only did she rise to the occasion to counsel me through a tumultuous grief season, but she was also active in counseling my entire immediate family collectively and individually. I love her! She's so personable, creative, and fun. She is everything you need for initiating your healing process and compartmentalizing your dysfunctions. God has truly anointed her as a believer to serve this generation to fight for their individual wholeness. She recently sent me some coping tools and designed a program for me to stay on track through the healing process. I'm so excited to get started and to have her as a accountability module in my life. My biggest take away from my grief counseling sessions with her is to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace when guilt strikes, and most importantly that grief is a messy process that we have to let take course. Please reach out to Dr. Baker for your counseling and coaching needs. You will not regret it!

Mack McGhee, MA

Chief of Secure Program |District of Columbia

Dr. Bernada Baker has been a Consultant for the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services since 2016 and has worked specifically with our young ladies who are committed to DYRS. Through her Princess Within Foundation Curriculum our young ladies were able to work on improving their self esteem and sense of self worth. Dr, Baker is phenomenal in her presentation and has a sincere passion that every young lady recognizes the power and gifts that they possess.

Dr. Santa Palacios

Dr. Baker has definitely gotten me through some tough times. She always has the right words at the right time and it's never sugar coated! I truly appreciate all the wisdom she has given and continues to share with me. She is definitely the kind of woman who wants other women to succeed and be great in this life. From helping me through the loss of my grandmother, to pushing me through my last years of undergrad, encouraging me to be the greatest I can be in grad school and pushing me way past my limits in my professional and personal life- Dr. Bernada Nicole is literally the entire package and more. I'm immensely and forever grateful for her.

Landi Spearman

Working with a woman who was relatable, smart, and the match that I needed, meant that she was able to come alongside me and observe all the pressures and present day challenges I was facing from not processing my pain. Dr. Baker helped me to realize the how not facing the trauma and grief of losing my parents, was showing up in all areas of life. Dr. Baker allowed me to show up as my authentic self, and get in touch with the little girl inside who was hurt, feeling abandoned and being protective. She helped me heal and really see myself unleashed, and even better than that, truly happy despite the pain I have faced. Dr. Baker pushed me to go deep within not just on the surface.

It takes someone to shift your life in moments of time. With Dr. Bernada, I was able to find my new self, and trust her with my vulnerability, which is not an easy task for a woman in leadership like me. Thank you for seeing me and creating a safe space for my real next level.