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Schedule Your Complimentary
Consultation Today

New clients are offered a free initial 30-minute Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Bernada. Call today to inquire about services that might best accommodate what it is that you are seeking. You can briefly discuss the concerns you are having and your reason for seeking coaching/pastoral counseling, etc to ensure that you and Dr. Bernada will be a good fit for working together. Dr. Bernada works to help clients achieve the highest levels of joy, peace, balance and success in their lives.

Dr. Bernada works with clients and organizations to curate a partnership of holistic healing and wholeness through life and spiritual direction coaching, pastoral and grief counseling, personal and leadership development, motivational speaking and educational empowerment workshops to help you identify and remove blockages, eliminate excuses, cultivate character, activate greatness, maximize your potential and achieve the life that you desire and deserve to live.

My life is a visual representation of the fact that restoration, peace, success, and happiness are attainable.


Dr. Bernada offers professional consultation and trainings for schools, companies, organizations, and agencies. These trainings are specialized to meet the needs of the client and can be facilitated in an individual or group setting. The following are just a few of the topics we offer:

Initial 90-Min Session

  • This session is different from a consult session. This initial session allows you to relay important history and background information, discuss in detail what brings you to coaching and counseling, and what you hope to gain from the journey.

Individual Counseling

$75 to $185
  • Individual session fees include DBT phone coaching between sessions and collaborations with other providers.
  • 50-Minute Session | $75 to $150
  • 80-Minute Session | $125 to $185

Family and Relationship Counseling & Parent Coaching

$125 to $250
  • Family counseling and parent coaching fees include DBT phone coaching between sessions and collaborations with other providers if needed.
  • 50-Minute Session | $125 to $195
  • 80-Minute Session | $150 to $250

Group Counseling

$60 and Up
  • Group counseling is an excellent outlet to meet new like minded individuals and build connection with others who may have challenges with the same concerns or struggles as you. As a group, we will support each other and learn together.
  • 1.5-Hour –The Princess Within: Self Discovery | $65 per group + $25 one time materials fee
  • 1.5 -Hour The Ruth & Naomi Project| $60 per group + $25 one time materials fee