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Dr. Bernada Nicole Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH was born in Chicago, the oldest of three children and a first generation college student determined to beat the odds by any means necessary. Her grandmother was a sharecropper in Mississippi and as a result she always stressed the value of a college education. Growing up in a chaotic family environment made Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH “a natural overachiever.” She made up in her mind early on, that if given the opportunity to go to college that she was going to go all the way, hence she earned her doctorate degree at the age of 35.

As a Community Psychologist, a Pastoral Counselor, Educator, Author, Speaker and Founder/Executive Director of The Princess Within Academy, Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH is committed to empowering individuals to discover their purpose, implement their goals with intention, maximize their potential and to excel by any means necessary. She is a respected spiritual leader who has served as a Chaplain at Emory Hospital and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH specializes in curating self-love, personal development, life coaching, and spiritual intuitiveness. These tools help individuals identify any road-blocks that are prohibiting them from living in the fullness of peace, balance and harmony.

Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH is transparent about her life’s struggles and challenges and encourages her clients and audience members to stand tall, while being fully present with their truths in an effort to remove the blockages that could potentially block their destiny. She has a demonstrated track record of helping individuals birth forth their greatness. With over 16+ years as a college professor, she posses the ability to provoke her audience to think critically and to move from contemplation to execution. Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH is driven by results, unimpressed by excuses and she upholds character, integrity, empathy and excellence as the core of her life’s mission and motto.
Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH has been featured in The Essence Magazine, The Weather Channel, and WGN & KHOU News and recognized by her alma matter, Saint Xavier University with the Faith in the Future Award.

The author of 4 books, including Unlock The Treasure: Discover the Princess Within, When You Walk With Purpose: You Collide With Destiny, Wake Up and Win and Motivational Messages From a Woman’s Heart. As one of the nation’s most vibrant and influential educators, thought leaders and public speakers, Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH has an innate ability to engage her audiences while empowering their hearts and minds to soar beyond what once seemed unattainable. She facilitates classes and workshops across the globe, focusing on the social, emotional and mental health of girls and women.

A woman of passion, vision and purpose, in addition to her renowned work as an Educator and Chaplain, Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH is the Founder of The Princess Within Academy, a not for profit organization that cultivates self-esteem and empowers girls to discover their purpose and providing cultural exposure.

Why Work With
Dr. Bernada Baker?

  • She is a Dynamic Speaker.

    Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH’s wittiness, excellence in execution, uncanny ability to relate to everyone and transparency provokes & empowers individuals to be honest about who they are and where they are on their journey.

  • She is a Spiritual Leader.

    Her diverse background in education, ministry, and lived experiences challenges individuals to take a deep dive and to do their shadow work unapologetically.

  • She is a Change Agent.

    Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH has worked hard to accomplish her goals and to make her dreams a reality. She has been intentional about making her mark in the earth. Her faith, tenacity to succeed, prayers of her grandmothers and sacrifices of her ancestors has helped her to navigate on this journey of life. Dr. Bernada Baker, MDiv, MBA, MPH does not solve problems for her clients, she serves as a companion and confidant who coaches them on how to connect the dots, heal from the heartaches of life, grow through grief and ultimately get all that they desire out of life.

Education & Achievements

Bachelor of Science Degree: Community Health
Master of Public Health
Master of Business Administration
Master of Divinity Degree
PhD Community Psychology
Rita A. Ford Faith in Future Award – Saint Xavier University Distinguished Alumni Award
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois (DFI) Award Recipient
Honorable Mention in Essence Magazine
Hurricane Harvey Hero- The Weather Channel
Iyanla Vanzant’s Spiritual Warrior Training